Fish2fork is the first website of its kind to review restaurants according to the sustainability of the seafood they serve, as well as how it tastes, and the information they provide on sourcing policies.

As great advocates of sustainable fishing, the teams at Loch Fyne across the land are thrilled to have been awarded not one, not two, not three – but four blue fish! So we just had to share: the ‘4 Blue Fish’ rating means, ‘an excellent restaurant, which does its best to follow all the rules on sustainability. Eat here and enjoy without worrying about damaging fish stocks’.

The fish2fork experts were more than impressed with our dedication to sustainable fishing and promotion of what could be called ‘less fashionable fish’, although we think that fashion is always a matter of taste.

Here’s a sample of what they say:
“Loch Fyne sets an example that few restaurants match. Its website is a model of what can be done to keep customers informed of what it does and what it serves.

“Loch Fyne is a hard act to beat and if everyone followed its lead on sustainability the world's fish stocks would be in a much healthier state.”

Great praise indeed!

If you want to see more of the fish restaurant guide for people who want to eat fish and seafood sustainably, then take a look at fish2fork.